Knocked Up Fitness

Being pregnant is a hard time to continue a regular work out routine--right!?

Well, Erica Ziel of Knocked Up Fitness has a great DVD set that we were able to try out!

I loved the combination of pilates, sculpting and cardio. It really kept me going and I felt like she knew exactly what I needed while pregnant.  A mom of 3 year old, I REALLY needed something to keep me active so I could keep up with him!  My second little guy also decided to be OVER due. I needed something to do with my time while impatiently awaiting his arrival!

Taking a rest after chasing boy #1 and growing boy #2.  Baby boy 2 decided to come nearly 2 weeks late.
 Just had my 6 week appointment and doctor approval, and I started using Knocked Up Fitness again. It's not only for when you are pregnant, but also after!  My core feels SO much stronger and I am able to lift my two big boys!
6 weeks after baby #2. We just finished a workout together!
I love the 2 disk DVD set because I can start out with the less complicated one and then, when I am ready, I can progress to the next level!  I feel so blessed to have found Knocked-Up Fitness!

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