Cleava Review

Looking for a way to wear even your lowest cut blouses? I love dressing up, and one of my pet peeves is constantly having plunging necklines. I hate wearing another layer and trying to match a cami to my outfit.
That is why I was excited to try Cleava. Cleava is a product that attaches to the straps of your bra, that allows you an additional layer, without actually adding an entire layer to your wardrobe. It is super easy and stays in place!

I have so many shirts like this one below, that are fairly low cut, and I struggle with what to wear under them. As you can tell, the cleava offers a very easy solution!

The Cleava I am wearing is white, which goes with almost anything, but they have many other colors available! 

Check out all of the fun and exciting new Cleava's available at:

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