Ozonator keeps your fridge fresh

I hate smells in my food that do not belong there. Like butter that smells faintly of pork chops. Because there are so many smells in the fridge, they seemed to be leeching into each other all the time. I tried a box of baking powder, but would never remember to change it (and I honestly never knew how often to change it).

The Ozonator is working to change all of that. It is a patented system that not only keeps smells where they should be, but will keep items in your fridge fresher for longer!

You just put the unit in your fridge and let it do its work! We have noticed a decrease in smells crossing to other foods after only a week of using it! The green flashing light lets you know when it is time to change the batteries!

We love it!!!!

You can order yours now from their website HERE. They have a special, and you can purchase it now for $39.95 . . . with much more savings in a year than that, it is an amazing deal!
For Special Deals like Ozonator on their Facebook page at: https://www.facebook.com/greenrefrigeratormachine

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  1. Wait, how can you get more savings in a year with a $39.95 device? A box of baking soda is $0.50. Even if I replaced it every two weeks, that's only a $12 cost. You'd have to buy this device, plus batteries, and use it for quite a while before it pays for itself.

  2. Does it seem to keep produce and fruit fresh longer as well?

  3. It keeps the food fresher longer. That is one aspect that Baking Soda does not do. That is where the savings comes in not cost compare to Baking Soda.