Build a Bear Review

Are you looking for the PERFECT stuffed toy to put under the tree this year? Look no further! MamaBreak has the answer for you!
First, it comes in a special little box. Even my oldest knew EXACTLY what came in the box!

It is, of course, a Build a Bear. Could this bear any cuter??? AND she smells like Christmas cookies!!!

And a sweet little face!!!!
For those not familiar with Build a Bear, it is a store that kids can go into to "build" their own stuffed animal! They also have an online store, and the BEST part for my kids is picking the accessories!
From a sugar cookie little purse.

To these DARLING shoes!!! (who could NOT fall in love with striped shoes!!!)

And even a little hair bow to top things off!

Build a Bear makes giving a sstuffed toy a unique experience to create a toy that any child would love!!

You can check out their website at:
Where you can both order OR see if there is a store in your area!

MamaBreak received a Build a Bear to review here on the website. We did not receive any other type of compensation. As always, our experiences and opinions are our own.

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  1. She is adorable,. haven't seen this one yet, I want her for myself..just to have the scent of Christmas cookies all year round
    Thank You for sharing.