Why Mama Needs a Break

Welcome to MamaBreak! MamaBreak has been an idea in my head for a while now. It all started with a little blog, that only Mama Steph and I ever read. I kept asking Steph to join me on creating a website. I kept telling her it would be great! But what would we do? What would we feature? Over the past two years, I bet I ran about 100 ideas past her, and she never agreed to start a website with me . . . until now J

I have had an active blog with an active readership for a while now as Freebies, Fun, and Life.  I enjoyed blogging, but always wanted to do more . . . but I needed help to do more . . . and I needed my best friend.  

The idea for MamaBreak has been the seed of a thought for a while. Parental support is such a strong motivator. If you have the support of your peers, you are more likely to be successful. It does not take a rocket scientist to figure that out.

BUT, in my experience moms are often the people that criticize other moms first. Why? Why do we feel the need as moms to tear each other down when we should be lifting each other up?

THAT is where MamaBreak comes in. I wanted to create a place, an environment, that encourages mothers. That lifts them up. That gives them a little piece of happiness. Because I have learned that if the mom in a family is happy, the entire family is often happy.

But why a break? Because in my experience it is the number one thing that I know that makes me a little happier in the day. It does not mean taking days away from your family. It does not mean taking a tropical vacation. It means for a few minutes, every day, doing something just for you. As mamas, we often forget to do that. I forgot to do that until I finally figured it out with my third child!

MamaBreak is not just for moms with children at home. It is for ALL women who need to take a moment to treat themselves every day, to do something that is just for them that makes them happy.

So, each day we will bring you a “break.” Something to do, just for YOU! It will never take more than 5 minutes, and will never require you to buy, sell, or click on any links.  

Every week we will feature at least one article that talks about a topic near and dear to our hearts, and we hope yours as well. Advice on topics we have become informed about based on our own parenting experience.  This week we are departing from a typical advice article to share with you why we believe Mama needs a break!

And because Steph and I both LOVE shopping, we are bringing you a little of what we find. Each week we will host a giveaway of a mama-related product. Each day we will post “deals” from the major “mom” daily deal websites. And each day we will bring you the steals we are watching. All steals will be from reputable, confirmed web sites and companies—we will never send you anywhere for a steal that we would not purchase from ourselves. These all can be found at the buttons on the top of each page!

We hope you enjoy the page and our social media outlets!

--Mama Jo--


  1. I don't know where to live a message like this but just want to let you know that:
    JCPenny: FREE Kids Haircuts in August
    I don't know what the age limit is but All August kids haircuts are free. I figure you could spread the word.

  2. Thanks Mary! We added to to our Daily Steals! Love it! My kids need haircuts!!!