In My Carry On

Hello Mamas! Or as they say in Hawaii, Aloha Cousins!

As some of you may know, I just spent 5 days soaking up the sun in Hawaii. My husband and I never took a honeymoon, so for our 10-year anniversary we took our first vacation without kids and headed to Oahu!

I wanted to share with you what I place in my carry on bag, because I am a frequent traveler and am VERY specific about what I bring. I bring the same items, every time. Obviously, when I travel with kids I bring MUCH more, but that is for another day, another post.

So, here is my list:
·      Slipper socks. I get very swollen feet on the flight, and these are a must. Plus they keep me nice and comfortable for the plane ride. An added bonus is I run around in them at the airport if I have a connection.
·      Large bottle of water. Here is my secret for travel. I bring an empty filtering water bottle with me and fill it once I am through security. This saves me a TON of money because I do not have to purchase water at the airport.
·      Neck pillow. I do not think I could travel without my neck pillow. I actually attach it (it has a snap on it) to my carry on, so it does not take up the needed space in my bag.
·      Blanket. I always bring my own blanket. I tend to get cold on the flight, and do not like the airline blankets. I bring something that can be easily stored into my carry on.
·      Facial cleansing cloths. I bring a small sample pack with me. These are great for refreshing your face when you depart from your flight.
·      Moisturizer. Perhaps the most vital item in my carry on. I bring a sample size moisturizer for my face, as well as one for my feet, arms and legs.  I apply if right before and right after the flight.
·      Magazines. I love short reads during the flight, and magazines pack very nicely.
·      Mini first aid kit. I always make my own little mini first aid kit with bandages, antibacterial ointment, and any other small items I can fit in the small bag.
·      Nasal passage moisturizer. I bring a small bottle of this and use the gel, rather than the spray, as it is more airline friendly.
·      Throat lozenges. No matter how much water I drink, I tend to get a dry throat during the flight.

So, that is my list. I love to travel, and this helps to make the entire trip more tolerable.

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