July 2012 Birch Box Review


I LOVE LOVE LOVE this month's BirchBox.
For those that do not know, BirchBox is a monthly subscription of beauty items that is sent every month! It is $10 a month. You also can earn "points" by completing a review of the items in your box during the month. About every 2 months I have enough for $10 worth of items!

Interested? Sign up here: https://www.birchbox.com?raf=mb9pn

Without further ado, this is what was in my box:
  • Bamboo Color Care UV  Fade Proof Flouride. Amazon Price: $6.50
  • Earbuds (ALWAYS need more of these!!) Estimated Price: $5.00
  • Jouer Luminizing Moisture Tint. .17 oz Based on Amazon Price: $3.80
  • Stila Lip Glaze. This is a full size, but can be bought in a trio, Amazon price $4 (this ranged incredibly from $12 for the 3, to $20 each!)
  • Uber Roasted Nut Roll. Based on Web price, $1.26
Total value: $20.56
My favorite thing about the box is I am about to travel and I needed ear buds. I LOVE lip gloss, and LOVE Stila, and I am currently trying to switch my tinted moisturizer, and have never tried this brand! Oh, and I have not had lunch yet and am hungry :)

Thank you Birchbox!!!


  1. i think I'm going to sign up :)

  2. Love mine too. Your readers need to hook up too Birchbox!
    Klorane shampoo 0.8oz Well amazon has 13.4oz for $14.00 so I guess it makes it about a $1.00
    Blinc Mascara 0.141oz Amazon .21oz $14.00 so maybe $10.50
    Ear Buds estimated $5.00
    Harvey Prince NEW “Hello” Fragrance Carded Spray Sample, 1.5 ML selling on e-bay with the same earbuds starting bids between $6.99 to $8.99 So lets say $3.00
    if you add the going rate for your perfume live in Love, $2.49 to $3.49 on ebay it brings your total up higher.
    Ada Mineral Bronzer Amazon $13.00 size unknown
    Uber Bar based on web price $1.26

    1. Oh the mascara came in a cute little reusable tin with a screw on lid. can be recovered and used as a pill bottle.
      The perfume smells terrific!
      I have sons so I don't think they will be taking my neon pink and green earbuds. But then again I thought that getting hot pink duct tape would asure I'd keep duct tape too. But not! LOL

  3. Ooh! Mary, I am very jealous of your bronzer! I have been eyeing it in the store. I really love Birchbox, and I have tried most of the boxes out there!

  4. Do you do the myglam bag as well. They are really great and instead of the box it comes in a makeup bag each month. Look them up of pinterest them. I really love both.

  5. We do My Glam as well. If you click on reviews you can see all of the Beauty Boxes we subscribe to. There is also a list on the right, and MyGlam is on there. We do Citrus Lane as well (it is for kids). We have done reviews for Beauty Box 5, Julep, Allure Sample Society, Cravebox, and Bluum. :)