Citrus Lane July Review

Like MamaSteph, I LOVE this month's Citrus Lane box! It was filled with so many practical items!

Citrus Lane is a $25 a month box that often has full sized products, rather than a bunch of samples. They also generally include a gift card in each box.

In this month's box was:
  • Ella's Kitchen Nibble Fingers, 4.4 oz. Amazon price, $5.87
  • Baggu Reusable Shopping Bag. Amazon price, $9.00. I received a Llama one, and love it!
  • Medi Buddy First Aid Kit To Go. Amazon price, $7.49 (Did Citrus Lane anticipate my post on Advice for Mamas today?-- I love this to travel with-- and I did not see my box before writing my article this morning!)
  • Wee Knit Finger Puppets. SO cute! Available only on their Etsy site. Approx. value, $6.90
  • Dapple On the Go Clothing Wash (for washing in the sink). I could not find the travel size ANYWHERE else! The reason I looked was because this is hands down a genius product. I NEED this! I am emailing them to see if they plan to make more! These would be VERY convenient to carry on trips!! Priceless?? Based on Amazon per ounce price, $4.26-- but that is for a full bottle, and I REALLY need these little sample packets!! 
  • California Baby Shampoo and Body Wash, 2 oz. Amazon price (based on per ounce value), $2.64
  • California Baby Hair Conditioner, 2 oz. Amazon price (based on per ounce value), $2.46
  • California Baby Hair Styling Mousse, .5 oz. Amazon price (based on per ounce value), $2.94
  • $10 Gift Card to Postagram! 
I have heard some complaints about the products this time around, and personally I love them! This box is about travel this month, so I am a little more accepting of the "travel" sizes. PLUs, the value of the full sizes and gift card FAR outweigh the cost of the box.
My favorite thing about Citrus Lane, and of course this box, is that it is like they read my mind. I opened the box (as I do almost every month) and thought-- wow! I need this! I just loved every single item included. The value this month was: $51.66!!! Amazing, as always!

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Dapple JUST emailed me back! You can purchase the detergent sample packets at Babies R Us. They are $1.99 for 3!

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