Allure Beauty Bar Sample Society July Review

Sample Society is a subscription box that I previously belonged to. They recently contacted me because they wanted to know why I cancelled. I told them I felt the samples were too small, and the price too high for what was sent. They wanted me to try Sample Society again, so they sent me July's box . . . for free!

Sample Society is from both Allue and Beauty Bar. You get two wonderful things besides the box. First, you get a 12 month subscription to Allure if you have a paid subscription. You also receive a $15 off $50 code to use at The code is stackable with other codes they have available.

I was really torn when I cancelled my box a few months ago. I really loved the box, and actually ended up using 2 products as a result (Murad and Dermalogica), but I felt it was a little too expensive. You pay $15 a month for the box, and there are generally 5 items in the box.

This is what was in this month's box:
  • Vincent Longo Duo Lip Pencil, Full sized (.06 oz). Amazon Price, $26.00
  • Borghese Tono Body Creme, 1oz. Amazon price (based on per ounce value), $5.70
  • Jouer Luminating Tinted Moisturizer, .17 oz. Amazon Price (based on per ounce value), $3.60 (I was running low from the one I received in another box, so love this!)
  • Eye Never Nourishing Eye Repair Cream, .033 oz. Amazon Price (based on per ounce value), $1.40 (I better not love this because the regular value is $85, but that is why I love the sample!)
  • Sisley Hydra-global Hydration Intense Ant-Age, .14 oz. Amazon Price (based on per ounce value), $17.62 (this retails ON SALE on amazon for $176.25!!!!)
Obviously, with just the one full sized item, this more than makes up for the $15 cost. The value is estimated at $54.32! Wow! I was just telling Mama Steph that I may sign up again, and I think this may just be the push I needed.

Want to sign up yourself?
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  1. This looks like worthy box. I'll have to look into it. Thanks for the info and nice review!