THIS MamaNeeds a Break

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Over here in the Midwest--this preggo mama needs a break.  It is HOT, HOT, HOT and I have a baby kicking me from the inside and a super clingy baby boy (ok, he is 3!) chasing me around the house.  It's too hot to attempt to go more than one place per day and it's really hot to be outside.

Our FAVORITE indoor activity we have done for a while now, but it really applies to staying indoors this summer.  E calls it "SING-IT."  Its where He decides the music, the loudness (yup-it gets loud) and the attire for the dance party.  He changes the radio stations, boosts the volume and usually strips down to his undies while we both dance our buns off.

How is THIS a break you might ask?  Since E has been dancing for nearly 2 years like this, I really, really enjoy watching this crazy activity while he dances with daddy.  Sometimes, when dad gets home it's how they burn their energy off before dinner or bed.  I get to sit with my feet up on the couch and watch. Yes, it's loud, but its also SUPER funny seeing the little man mimic daddy's dancing, things he sees at his babysitters and yes even the things he sees on TV!

My advice: turn it up and get dancing!

--Mama Steph


  1. We do something very similar. Kyra loves to dance and it gets so crazy! BTW the site looks great!

  2. Awesome! Thanks Megan! Feel free to share with other friends, too!