Beauty Box 5 Review

I was excited to try Beauty Box 5. As a subscriber to other beauty boxes, I always like to see what others are sending and if they are right for me! Beauty Box sent me a box to review for free, but as always, my opinions are completely my own. This beauty box did not disappoint!

Beauty Box 5 sends 4-5 "samples" a month for $12.
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What I loved about the box was that I felt they provided products that many others did not. One of my products was a vegan product, and as someone who has a lot of vegan friends, I really liked that aspect. Of course, I am not sure that my vegan friends would enjoy the entire box, since only one product was vegan. However, it is rare to get a vegan product in a beauty box, and so I felt that aspect did set them apart. I also really liked the variety. They sent both cosmetics and beauty products, and the cosmetics were all very different. I enjoyed the colors, and felt it was a good subscription box.

What was in the box?
  • Blinc Eyeliner .02 oz .Approx value based on Amazon price-- $1.60
  • Blum Oil Assorbing Sheets. 50 count. Amazon price-- $4.08
  • Every Day Minerals Blush. .06 oz. Amazon approximate price-- $3.52
  • Comodynes Urban Cosmetics easy Peeling New Face Effect. 1 towlette. Amazon appr. price--$2.24
  • The All Natural Face Vegan Eye Shadow. Size not indicated, but I believe it is a full sized of .07 ounces. Appr. price based on web search of $3.50
Total value of $14.94. This is a good value for the $12 that the box sells for. They also have a great referral program. If you have 5 people sign up through your referral, you receive 1 free box. I did not provide a referral link above, as the box was sent for review (not purchased).

I received this item for free to review on MamaBreak. However, the opinions expressed here are my own.  


  1. ohh Now I ant wait till mine arrives! :-)

  2. I love the inclusion of the vegan product!! :) That's important to me. Great review, thanks for sharing!

  3. interesting box, I like the variety of different things. Looks interesting, and things I've never tried before. Very Cool.

  4. Awesome review and Love BB5 so far!

  5. Looks very interesting, i may have to pony up $12 for this. I'm not at all a vegan head, but i am very conscious/picky about what i put in my mouth and on my skin, so anything healthy to sample is greatly appreciated. :)

  6. never heard of this company but your review makes me want to give it a shot

  7. I loved my box! I think it is nice! Good review!!

  8. The mascara sounds great and I had not heard of this company before. Thank you for sharing and the wonderful break down of the items and their value. I will be now looking into applying for this beauty box.

  9. Great review! keep up the great work, xo

  10. Awesome review! I'd get one just for the Blum Oil Assorbing Sheets. :-)