Luxe Pineapple Box of Joy Review

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You all know how much I love subscription boxes! This was a box that a few friends tried, and when they dropped the price AND had a coupon code, I knew I had to try it. I ordered 2 Box of Joys and paid $20. They were $12.50 each, and I had a $5 coupon from using a referral link (you can too just by clicking HERE). The promised value was $45 per box. Rather than two separate "boxes," I received 1 bag of items, so it is hard to decide what would come in just one box. Also, the term "box" is apparently not to be taken literally, because they all came in a padded envelope, not a box. You would think, given all of this, I would be unhappy, but nope-- I loved it!!!!
Luxe Pineapple Box of Joy

It was a total of 9 items, but one was a little foil packet, so realistically, 8 items with the values below (links will bring your to the pricing product page):

  • Mac Blushette - 0.14 Oz: Amazon value $11.18 each ($22.36 total-- and my box just paid for itself). Obviously, I am thrilled to receive MAC cosmetics. One of my favorite brands. I don't usually wear blush, as I am VERY pale. The colors are Bound for Love and Barbara Ann. Both are very neutral, and I am honestly using them as a lipgloss. 
  • MAKEUP FOREVER Rouge Artist Intense Lipstick : Amazon value $20.00. The link shows $24.00, but there were several other places (Sephora included) that retailed them for about $20.00, so that seems like a fair "value."
  • YVES SAINT LAURENT by Yves Saint Laurent Lip Twins: Amazon value $25.00. Link shows 7 for sale at $32.00, but several vendors average about $25.00. My favorite item that came. I LOVE LOVE LOVE this. It is a shiny lipstick and a matte lipstick in one flipping sort of tube. VERY adorable!! AND now I can use the lip brush from my Social Bliss a couple of months back!
  • Ciate Polish: This was actually a mini sample. Amazon per ounce value $3.78
  • Makeup Forever Pearly Waterproof Pencil: Web value $15.50
  • Gratiae Organics Replenishing Eye Cream: Amazon per ounce value $1.78 (this seems to be a really good Amazon deal, actually-- with a ton of them for only $10 for the full size)
  • Gratiae Organics Ultrox Expression Marks Anti Wrinkle Cream: Amazon per ounce value $2.02
  • Foil packet of the Gratiae Lifting Facial Serum (I don't think it even has 1 use in it)
Final value: $90.44
This is almost the exact value that they promised, and includes some really low (good deals) on the Amazon prices. Not a bad bargain for $20 total! And I got highly recognized brands that makes it much easier to swap!
The best part is, this is not technically a subscription-- so you only order it once. It does not renew, you will not receive anything unless you want the box! You are in complete control! 
Box of Joy is definitely one to keep an eye on, and when they have $10 boxes again, you KNOW we will let you know! 

You can keep an eye out for your own Box of Joy from Luxe Pineapple at: (and save $5 just for clicking through the link!)

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