French Box October Review and Coupon Code

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French Box

Ooh La La! Last month I was NOT thrilled with my French Box. I thought it was random, and not very French. I feel like they were listening because this month they hit it out of the park! So excited!

French Box

Again, their boxes are awesome! Nice sturdy box that is just beautiful!

And inside, look at all these ACTUAL French goodies!
French Box October Review

  • Not included on the card was an adorable little notebook from Christian Lacroix! 
  • Durance Marseille Soap. Smells heavenly-- like French soap! Value: $3.47
  • Couleur Calisson candies. PLEASE send macaroons next month!!! Value $3.00
  • Le Panier Francais spice blend. Cannot wait to try- Smells amazing! Value $6.99
  • Matis Powder Brush. This is an item fairly available in the US, but still nice to have. Value $9.30
  • Atelier Cologne. 0.067 oz. Again readily available in the US. Amazon per ounce value $4.35
  • Oshi Bori towels!!!! Ok, obviously, I am excited. If these ARE available in the US, please someone tell me from where! These are super popular in Japan. They are infused with scents and are AMAZING. These are super relaxing and I love to travel with them. I actually ran out of what I bought while traveling YEARS ago. Nothing in the states compares!!!! I don't know how they are a French item, but the site IS a French site. I guess it is a French company selling something that the Japanese love? I don't even CARE!  Set of 3, 10 gr towels and 1 80 gr towel. Value $5.00

I want to point out that putting prices on many of the items are HARD because they cannot even be found in the US, so would have to be shipped internationally, causing them to cost even MORE. Also, a warning-- some of the web value links are NOT in English. 

I absolutely love this month's box, and it is my favorite box of the month! I LOVE LOVE LOVE it. I had my first box discount LAST month, so I paid full price of $22 this month. So glad I did. Total value is $32.08

You can get your own French Box at: and with the code ONET56B2DB you get your first box for only $14

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