System Hinoki One Month Check In

Fall is here Mamas! I always try to start out the new season with something positive to improve myself, and this Fall it is all about my hair. After 3 kids my hair is a WRECK. I swear I lose a handful of hair every day, and I have tried almost every product out there trying to thicken it. I am left with thinning hair and I am not even 40 yet! I want the hair of my youth back!

Before Hinoki

When Hayashi asked me to try System Hinoki asked if we wanted to review for them, I knew I had to try their system. System Hinoki uses Hinoki Tree Oil to bring back your full, thick head of hair you had before kids (was there a time before kids). I was super skeptical, but after one month I can really see a difference. People have actually commented on how great my hair looks! And THAT is an amazing feeling!
2 Weeks with System Hinoki
1 month with System Hinoki

1 month with System Hinoki
To be completely effective, they have asked that I use the products for three months, so check back next month to see how much my hair has improved. 

MamaBreak received System Hinoki products to review on the site. We did not receive any other type of compensation. As always, our experiences and opinions are our own. 

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