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So, my second Gwynnie Bee dress arrived today. If you recall from our last review HERE, we received our last dress on Friday, wore it Sunday, returned it Monday. 4 day turn around to receive a dress seems to be the norm. This means at most, I will probably receive 4-5 dresses a month to wear (assuming I return it the day after I wear it). I am still trying to gauge how to get the most out of my 1 at a time subscription, which is $35 a month.

So, this was the dress I received. I am going to spare you the horror of actually seeing it on me. The sleeves were awful and weird. They were like flapping wings almost, and in the worst possible way. The fabric just hung on me, and was not flattering at all. I tried it with a belt, but that only made the wings flapping even worse. I just could not find a way to resolve this issue without actually adjusting the dress itself. Since I did not own the dress, I really could not do that. You can also see in the picture what looks like a little pull in the fabric-- there were several of those.

The other HUGE issue was the state of the dress. First, this dress wrinkles super easily, so it needed to be ironed when it arrived (yay to MORE work). And then there were long threads on it, that looked like they were going to unravel the dress. Again, I did now own the dress, so I did not dare cut them for fear the entire dress would fall apart.

I have sent a message to Gwynnie Bee, but since it is a subscription service, I am not sure they will do anything. I returned it immediately and am awaiting my next dress.

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