Gwynnie Bee Look of the Week Review

This week, I got dresses from Gwynnie Bee, since I had gone to 2 garments a week for last week, and returned the other in time last week to get 2 dresses this week as well.
Check it out!

Taylor Dresses Emerald Printed Dress: Gwynnie Bee Look of the Week Review

This is not a pattern or style I would normally EVER wear. EVER. I am not a bright and colorful dresser, but I can tell you that I received a ton of compliments. Well, a lot of people said it was a "bright" dress. I am not sure that is a compliment. It is just not my usually style, and I only wore it because my husband talked me into it this morning. It was fun for a day! I paired it with leggings and boots. I felt it was just a little short for bare legs at works, and boots are the only thing I can wear right now on my feet. A fun look for a Friday.

If you want to check out Gwynnie Bee for yourself, I only pay $37.63 a month for the subscription.

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