FrenchBox September Review

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So, when I heard there was a new box called "French Box" I knew I had to try it! I love everything France, and since your first box is only $14, I decided, "Why not?"

I guess my idea of what would go into a FrenchBox and THEIR idea of what would go in a FrenchBox are far different. See, I have been to France-- many times. I LOVE France, and in my mind I thought I would get things from . . . well, France.

September FrenchBox

In the end, it was a lot of products that were US products that were from French companies. NOT the products from France. Those that have been to France and have tried anything from a body lotion to Coke, know that there is such a difference-- even in the "French" brands. So, rather than getting items from France, I got a lot of items that were from a "French" branded label. This is what was in the box:
  • Sothy's Nail Enamel: Amazon Price, $19  (I will admit I was not thrilled with the box at first, but this IS a nice polish and a great color for Fall)
  • Sothy's Lipstick Pen: Web Price, $12 (ok, again, a beautiful color for Fall and it worked amazingly well and I am kind of in love with it)

  • Missiu Eiffel Tower Bracelet: Web Price, $12 (ironically, this is actually made in Italy-- but I do love it)
  • Caudale Makeup Remover: Amazon per ounce value, $4.18. It is makeup remover. What more can I say. I actually only use baby oil to remove my makeup so this goes on my trade board. And if you are wondering, yes this is the same bottle BirchBox had as a gift with purchase bonus. 
  • Whispering Angel Wine Bottle Bag: Web value--- $0? Seriously, this is a wine bag from a wine company. Not from a purse company or anything like that. It is a promotional item from that wine company, and no-- they do not sell wine bags like this on their site-- only wine. 
  • Buddy Fruits Fruit Bites: Web value, $1.50. What are Buddy Fruits doing in a French Box you may ask? I have NO IDEA. They are not FROM France. I don't know that they even distribute them to France. Really, they seem non-sensical in this box. Also, they did not taste well at all. Not even my 4 year old liked them. 
In the end, the value is obviously there. I paid $14, and got $52.68 worth of items. That is a great value. I will use everything except the makeup remover and the wine tote bag. The entire box just seemed so RANDOM. It felt like someone thought, "Let's do a French Box" and then just put random items into the box. I am very disappointed in the box in terms of it being "French." The real kicker is-- I forgot to cancel, so October's box better be AMAZING because I already paid the full $24 for it!

So, if you want a random assortment of items, with 1-2 being French related-- this may be the box for you. You can sign up for your first box for $14 at: with coupon code ONET56B2DB

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  1. Yeah I have heard a lot of disappointment with this french box. The one I want to try is Try The World. It's Paris box looks more authentic. Plus each month is from a different part of the world.

    1. Ooh that sounds like a good box! If you try it, come back and let us know what you thought of it!