Gwynnie Bee Review Look of the Week

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As you know, last week I received a dress with loose threads. I did contact Gwynnie Bee and returned it immediately. then chaos ensued. My next Gwynnie Bee did not show up as being shipped until Sunday, which means it realistically  did not ship until Tuesday. They ship priority, so it was waiting for me when I got home. I would be all upset if this dress was not so super fabulous. They also offered an additional dress this week, so that will be coming this weekend!!!
Gwynnie Bee Review Look of the Week

PERFECT for a fall day. I am rocking it with my knee high boots (which I love and got on Zulily). I am just adoring this dress to to point that I actually may just purchase it and keep it!

If you want to check out Gwynnie Bee for yourself, I only pay $37.63 a month for the subscription. If they keep sending me dresses like this, I am just going to keep on subscribing.

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  1. Thank you! I am really loving it! Wait unit you see what I am wearing Sunday. It gets even better!