Word of the Week: Cleansing

I thought a lot about this week's word. I was not feeling a lot of words that came to my mind that started with a "C," but when I came upon the word Cleansing, I knew it was perfect! Now Mamas, I do NOT want you thinking the inspirational word of the week is about cleaning the house! We are NOT that kind of site! We are busy moms, and although we love a clean house, we love our sanity more.

Cleansing can mean: To free from dirt, defilement, or guilt (according to freedictionary.com)

This week I want to be more free from GUILT. Specifically, I want to practice being more free from MAMA GUILT. If you are a mom, you KNOW what mama guilt is. My daughter went to school without her band book this morning because we could not find it. Her room is a mess, and I am sure it is somewhere in there. She is 10. But of course, I felt guilty for her not having it, even though it is not my room, even though it is not my band book. Mama guilt happens all the time. Any time something happens to my kids, whether I was directly involved or not, I experience mama guilt. And this week, I am going to try to release that guilt, to cleanse myself of mama guilt! I hope you try it too!

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