Wednesday's Word of the Week

Hi Mamas! I thought we would do something a little different with the new year! Instead of a Wordless Wednesday, we are going to have a "Word of the Week Wednesday." We hope the word will inspire you as you go throughout your week. We are going to start by going A-Z

The word of the week is:

Google tells us:
noun: acceptance; plural noun: acceptances

the action of consenting to receive or undertake something offered.


This week, mamas, I will try to open myself up more to acceptance. I have a Serenity Prayer on my bathroom mirror to remind myself (and my family), that some days we need to accept things as they are. I struggle with accepting being who I am, and accepting that it is good enough. I am not perfect. I do not say the perfect things, I am not a perfect mom. Some days we forget a lunch, homework assignment, or whatever you child needs for that day. That is ok. It is a part of being human. Accepting our children is important too. Accepting that they are not perfect and will make mistakes as well! 

This week, let's all try to practice a little more acceptance.



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