Why I Subscribe to Amazon Prime and a FREE TRIAL!!!!

Today is Thrifty Thursday, and we are talking about Amazon Prime! A lot of people ask me about Amazon Prime. I have been an Amazon Prime subscriber since 2006. I joined because there were so many amazing deals that would disappear within a few minutes, not leaving enough time for me to get my cart to $25 (the amount needed in 2006). I stayed because of the increased incentives they added for being an Amazon Prime member. So, I am going to break the cost down below:

  • Amazon Prime is $79 $99 a year. This may seem like a lot, but if you have Hulu Plus or Netflix, that is how much you are paying for them (actually you pay MORE for them!!!). I think it is more accurate to say that Amazon Prime is $8.25 a month, but you need to pay for the year up front. Many people wonder if they will use enough of Amazon Prime to justify $99 a year, but at $8.25 a month most people clearly see that it is a bargain. 

  • What do you get for that amount? A TON!!!! Most people think of Amazon Prime as a way to ship packages, and that is why most people join. You get FREE 2-day shipping on all of your Amazon purchases. I know most of you probably think that you may not need your packages in 2 days, or you may not ship many items. Well, if you only ship 1 package a month, it pays for itself. I can tell you, the one time Amazon is a LIFESAVER is when one of my children suddenly announces they have a birthday party to attend! My child can choose a gift for their fried online, at an amazing price, and it arrives in time for the party! Or all of the times I forget about snack day-- a GREAT way to get food and gifts fast! So, for speed alone it is a good value. 

  • Let's talk about all of the things I buy on Amazon. I am a busy mom of three children. Have you ever shopped with three children. It is like herding 100 cats. It is an impossible task. I have started doing a bulk of my shopping online. One of the great things about Amazon is you can purchase items in bulk and save a TON!!!! I buy cereal, snacks, even olive oil all in bulk from Amazon!
  • The last part of the free shipping goes back to why I initially signed up for Prime. There are MANY deals that we share that are Amazon deals. They do not last long at all. In order to get them you have to check out almost immediately. Now that Amazon has raised their shipping minimum for non-Prime members to $35, it is even more difficult to get these amazing deals without Prime. I save a TON by getting in on many of these deals, so in that way alone my Prime membership pays for itself. 

  •  Now for aspects that many Prime members do not even know exist. The first, and the most relevant to moms (I think) is the video library. Over a year ago, Netflix lost it's contract with many shows, including Dora and Diego. My daughter was crushed. Then, one day, we were on Amazon and discovered that all of the Nickelodeon shows were on AMAZON!!! Amazon offers a free video library and it has TONS of shows. We watch the free library all the time, and love the variety. I think the Amazon prime library is competitive to the shows on Netflix and Hulu Plus (and in some ways it is even better). There are movies and shows you can pay for, but there are many, many FREE shows! For kids shows they have Diego, Yo Gabba Gabba, Backyardigans, and many more! If you subscribe to a service like Netflix or Hulu Plus, you are actually paying MORE for those services than you would for Amazon Prime (and you do not get free shipping!!!).
  • The last feature, which I will be honest about I do not use often, is the free Kindle lending library. When I tell people to check the lending library, they often do not know what I am talking about, so I am guessing most people do not know about it. The lending library allows you borrow 1 book a month from Amazon. The selections are limited, but I have found some good books. Some books include Catching Fire, War Brides, and When I Found You. You can find all of the selections if you go to the Kindle store on your Kindle, search "All Categories", and at the end is a selection that says "Kindle Owners' Lending Library." There are 350,000 books to choose from! 
  • As a Prime member, you can also sign up to be an Amazon mom! If you are not an Amazon mom yet (all Prime members can be), you can sign up here! It saves you more on many items throughout the year, and sometimes you even get freebies! Amazon Mom. You CANNOT be an Amazon Mom unless you are the primary Prime member. 
So those are the main reasons I subscribe to Amazon Prime! You can get a FREE 30 day trial membership by signing up HERE!!!!! 

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