We love offers and deals like this (we really like free items!!!)

1. First step is to click here and sign up:  that is your first $10

2. Then, download the iPhone/ iPad app:
and login using the account you just created.

3. THEN put $25 worth of items in your cart (or less) and you will be charged $5 shipping, which your credits will cover.

4. Before checking out, enter code: SURVEY10 to get another $10 off of your order! (the area to enter is right below your items at checkout-- it should say      CODE HAS EXPIRED!!!
    Click on the ENTER CODE NOW and enter SURVEY10 there.

$25 worth of free clothing!!!!!  The deal above will still get you $15 worth of FREE clothing!!!! I already checked out and did not need to even enter my credit card!!!! The photo above is of the item I purchased using the steps above myself.

If you do not have an iPhone/ iPad, then your savings will be for $15  $5 worth of free clothing which is still a super deal!!!! Just skip the second step and use code SURVEY10 at check out. 

Link above is a referral link. It does not impact your shopping experience. We thank you for supporting MamaBreak. 


  1. Thank You So Much! I just got a pair of 7 For All Mankind jeans for $12.95...WOW! When I installed the app, it only applied $10 instead of $15 but still a huge deal! Thank You for the info!!

    1. Awesome! Each step is $10, so you should get $10 for first clicking through the link. Then install the app for another $10 credit. Then apply the code for your final $10 credit :) $30 in credit total! So glad you got some jeans though! We love 7 for Mankind around here!!!