Woot Off!

Today is Thrifty Thursday, and we are bringing you another way to save some money! One of our favorite sites is Woot! Woot is now owned by Amazon, so their deals do not seem to be QUITE as amazing, but still plenty of deals available. One of our favorite Woot times is a Woot Off, which is happening now. They feature a product, and once it is sold out, the product switches. I have seen products on the site for HOURS and sometimes SECONDS! I always double check the Amazon price to try to gauge how much of a deal it truly is!

One of my favorite deals was when they had 240 band aids for only $4.99! I bought my limit of 3! I also have purchased nap mats, wine, shirts . . . I have been a Woot fan for quite a while! Shipping is $5 PER ORDER so look around if you are going to order something so that you can save on shipping multiple items for $5.

They have different categories, which you can see at the top. We mostly order from Kids Woot and the regular Woot. The Woot Off item right now is listed on top, but if you scroll down you can see some of the other deals NOT int he Woot Off that are also available!

They also have a Bag of Crap (BOC), which can be anything from random items stuffed in a package like ear buds, golf tees, etc. to some really large items like Roombas and televisions. The televisions were many years ago, and have not happened again since, but often a handful of people will get some really great items! These usually sell out without seconds of being posted, and most people stay logged in and refresh their pages just to get their hands on one!

I happen to LOVE the current Kids Woot item, which is a Pirate Play House. It is listed on Amazon for $123, so $69.99 on the Woot Off is an AMAZING price! This deal will only last as long as the selling out point!

 Head to: http://www.woot.com/   to see what the Woot Off is all about!

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