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A lot of people ask about Subscribe and Save, so this post will hopefully inform everyone of how Subscribe & Save works. It will also list the very BEST deals on common items. If you see an item on Subscribe & Save and you ever wonder what the BEST price has been, just come back here and the list should tell you if it is the best deal, or how close it is. The links below are affiliate links, but will not effect your shopping experience on Amazon.

First, Subscribe & Save is a service from Amazon that allows you to subscribe to certain products. This is really helpful if you want a certain product to arrive at certain intervals. Maybe you do not want to worry about constantly re-ordering something like vitamins. You can Subscribe & Save to have them arrive either every 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, or 6 months.

The reason the service is so popular is Amazon will give you a discount on Subscribe & Save items. If you only have 1-4 Subscribe & Save purchases, you generally only save 5%. However, if you are an Amazon Mom member (FREE TO JOIN! CLICK HERE if you need to)***, and you have 5 Subscribe & Save purchases for that month, you can save up to 20% on some qualifying items! That is a savings that really adds up when you also include a coupon (which is generally how you have the MOST savings). If you have 5 S&S items, you will save 15% off the total of your S&S (so, if you add just 1 item now, that item will be discounted by 15% once you have 5 items). The orders will all arrive together once a month, so you will have 30 days before your order ships, and 30 days to get to your 5 minimum. This is wonderful if it is not something you need immediately, such as laundry soap, toilet paper, trash bags, or other household items that you may have on hand and can wait a month to arrive.

Subscribe & Save does NOT require you to have Prime! And the shipping on the items is ALWAYS free (but again, you may be waiting a while for your items to ship).

You can cancel at ANY time. So, yes you can cancel a S&S AFTER your first purchase, and not continue with the subscription.
You are not CHARGED until your order SHIPS. You can even cancel an order BEFORE that point if you want to! 

Many of the best deals involve clipping the coupon listed. Right UNDER the price it will say "Clip Coupon." Just click that area and the coupon will be added to your order. Please note ALL prices assume you have both Amazon Mom AND at least 5 S&S orders for the month.We have found that SOME coupons are not available in SOME areas. This is fairly uncommon, but it does happen.

 Subscribe & Save deals at time of post on 1/14 were: (some may still be available)
BEST Subscribe & Save deals from January (not active right now-- given only for a reference)
Need a filler item to make your 5 items? Here are some ideas!

Looking for an Amazon Coupon? All of them are listed HERE!!!

***: You will be able to sign up for 3 months free of Mom Prime. However, if you have previously subscribed to Prime (and no longer have the subscription), you will NOT able to sign up for free without subscribing to Prime. If you have Amazon Prime, you can sign up for Amazon Mom for free any time!!!! Find out more about about Prime HERE
    The links above are affiliate links, but will not effect your shopping experience on Amazon.  We thank you for supporting MamaBreak!

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