My Once Upon a Child Haul

As I reported on Thursday, our local Once Upon a Child was having a $1 sale. This was my amazing haul for my preschooler from the sale (scroll down for more images).

  1. Arizona Short Sleeved Polo
  2. Jumping Beans Long Sleeved Shirt
  3. Arizona Jeans
  4. Basic Editions Short Sleeved Shirt
  5. Justice Short Sleeved Shirt
  6. Levi's Jeans
  7. Aeropostale Short Sleeved Shirt
  8. French Toast Short Sleeved Shirt
  9. Levi's Jeans
  10. Nike Short Sleeved Shirt (1 small stain)
  11. Levi's Jeans
  12. LEI Jeans
  13. Gymboree Long Sleeved Shirt
  14. Faded Glory Pajama Pants
  15. Justice Short Sleeved Shirt
  16. Old Navy Long Sleeved Shirt
  17. The Children's Place Long Sleeved Shirt
  18. Angry Birds Long Sleeved Shirt
  19. Ocean Pacific Swimsuit
  20. Gap Kids Short Sleeved Shirt
  21. Logowear Short Sleeved Shirt
  22. Levi's Short Sleeved Shirt
  23. One Step Up Jeans
  24. Old Navy Short Sleeved Shirt
  25. American Eagle Short Sleeved Shirt
  26. Aeropostale Short Sleeved Shirt
  27. Arizona Short Sleeved Shirt
  28. American Eagle Short Sleeved Shirt
  29. Old Navy Jeans
  30. Justice Short Sleeved Shirt
  31. Gap Kids Short Sleeved Shirt
  32. Gap Kids Short Sleeved Shirt
  33. Puma Short Sleeved Shirt
  34. South Pole Short Sleeved Shirt
  35. Aeropostale Short Sleeved Shirt
  36. Squeeze Jeans
  37. Miley Cyrus Max Azria Short Sleeved Shirt
  38. Gymboree Swim Trunks
  39. Hanna Barbera Short Sleeved Shirt
  40. Carter's Long Sleeved Pajama Set (with top and pants)
  41. Levi's Jeans
  42. Arizona Short Sleeved Shirt (with original tags)
  43. Levi's Jeans
  44. Gymboree Leggings
  45. Old Navy Jeans
  46. Justice Short Sleeved Dress
  47. Gap Kids Short Sleeved Shirt
  48. Gap Kids Long Sleeved Shirt
  49. Gymboree Long Sleeved Shirt
  50. Ocean Pacific Swim Trunks (whoops-- grabbed the wrong size!)
  51. Osh Kosh Short Sleeved Shirt
  52. Faded Glory Long Sleeved Shirt
  53. Cehrokee Short Sleeved Polo
  54. PRS Short Sleeved Shirt
  55. Cherokee Short Sleeved Polo
  56. Old Navy Pajama Pants
  57. Hurley Short Sleeved Shirt
  58. Penelope Mack Coat WITH HAT!!!!!
  59. Ralph Lauren Long Sleeved Shirt
  60. The Children's Place Short Sleeved Shirt
  61. Old Navy Short Sleeved Polo
  62. Hello Kitty Long Sleeved Pajama Set (with top and bottoms)
  63. Nanette Girl Coat and Shirt Set.
  64. Izod Long Sleeved Polo
  65. The Children's Place Short Sleeved Shirt
  66. French Toast Short Sleeved Polo
  67. Arizona Short Sleeved Polo
  68. Chaps Short Sleeved Shirt
  69. Burberry Short Sleeved Polo
  70. Carter's Short Sleeved Shirt
  71. Target Halloween Short Sleeved Shirt
  72. Shawn White Long Sleeved Shirt
  73. Batman Short Sleeved Shirt 
  74. Gap Kids Short Sleeved Shirt
  75. Gap Kids Pants
  76. Hanna Montana Pajama Pants (I don't think my oldest realized the brand)
  77. French Toast Short Sleeved Shirt
  78. Ralph Lauren Short Sleeved Polo
  79. Ralph Lauren Long Sleeved Polo
  80. Justice Jeans
  81. SO Pajama Pants
  82. Hello Kitty 2 Piece Swim Suit
  83. Monsoon Long Sleeved Shirt
  84. Gap Kids Pajama Pants (show some wear and pilling)
  85. Kenneth Cole Reaction Long Sleeved Shirt
  86. The Children's Place Jeans
  87. Circo Short Sleeved Shirt
  88. Sonoma Long Sleeved Shirt
  89. Phat Farm Long Sleeved Shirt
  90. Hello Kitty Dress
  91. Gymboree Jeans
  92. Rare Editions Holiday Dress
  93. Cygnue Short Sleeved Shirt
  94. Alvin and the Chipmunks Short Sleeved Shirt
  95. Arizona Short Sleeved Shirt
  96. Old Navy Short Sleeved Polo
The only damage to any of the clothing was on the two items noted above. :)

I also bought 3 pairs of "regular" priced pants (my son really needs pants) for $14.50 total.
 This is a photo of his clothes purchased today.

My total for everything was: $110.50. Savings from the store was $453.50!!!!

This is my tween's clothing chosen by her. In retrospect, letting my daughter and her grandmother choose her clothes by themselves may have been an error after 11 pairs of jeans (no dress pants) and 20 t-shirts (and no long sleeved shirts at all for next winter) and no long sleeved shirts at all.

I bought one size up on all clothes, so this is their Fall wardrobe. I will need to supplement with a few pairs of pants for my toddler, long sleeved tops for my tween, and pants for my son (as I noted in the previous post, pants are hard to come by around here at the re-sale shops).


  1. Wow! Looks like you hit the jackpot!

  2. We love Once Upon a Child, and you can't beat it when they have the $1 Clearance!!

  3. What a great haul. We need some good sales on some warm clothes here. My boys have both outgrown their jeans.

  4. Wow, You did amazing! That is quite the savings. I also love to save money like this. Kids outgrow clothes so quickly so it is great when these deals come along!!!