Save Money with Re-Sale Children's Clothing

I know we are all looking for ways to save some money. One of my hugest money savers is with kids' clothing! I am super thrifty and almost all of my kids' clothing comes from a re-sale shop. We have a Once Upon a Child locally, and twice a year (in August and January) they have a $1 sale where all of their clearance items are $1. I stock up on the next size up, and in my son's case I will be stocking his closet as he has moved on to the next size over the winter. I then store the clothing until the following year, and the kids have a brand new fall and winter wardrobe at a fraction of the cost! I will warn those attending that the lines get VERY long and the store gets VERY full, so be prepared. I do NOT bring my kiddos with me!

Check out if your have a store local to you at:

Then, call the store to see if they have a seasonal clearance sale as well! Even after the $1 sale, our store has a bag sale as well! Great savings to put more money into your pocket!

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  1. Hooray! We are getting reports of other $1 sales!!! So glad we could help! Someone asked what we do in a packed store when you need more than 1 size. I have a "team" with me consisting of my sister, myself, and a friend and we all start at different locations (different sizes). I would recommend the boys clothing first though, as that seems to have less in the sale and will sell out faster.