Birchbox September 2012

Well, mamas. I received my Birchbox tracking confirmation this evening. It has still not been updated to a weight or estimated time of delivery, but when it does, I am letting you all know!

Wondering what is in your Birchbox this month? The link to all 29 boxes are active. Here is box 1 to get you started:
To find the other boxes, simply change the last number (to 2, 3, etc).
I am kind of liking 10 and 20 I am dreading 16 with colored band-aids, and 29 which got almost nothing!!!! Looks like every box except for 25 ( and 28 ( got a hair tie, and every box came with a color club custom nail polish. The Amazon price on the nail polish is $5.35 and the hair bands sell for 60 cents.

When we know the weight of our box, we will post it here, as well as what we received when it arrives! We will give you a full review the moment the box arrives at our door!

What box are you hoping for? Which are you dreading?

Please share your boxes once they arrive mamas!

So, my tracking information is updated and my Birchbox will FINALLY arrive on Friday at .57 pounds. According to the listing of products, I am sure it comes as a surprise to no one that I am getting the dreaded Box 16!
Hooray-- bandaids-- LAME!!!

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