9/30: Sunday Site Day!!!

Hello Mamas!

Today is the last of our series of Deal of the Day sites! On our On-Going Bargains page, there will be a link to ALL of the Deal of the Day sites we have listed over the past few weeks!

Today, we are bringing you voucher-based sites. The largest of these, by far, is Groupon. There are several others which have just as amazing (and often better) deals than Groupon! If you have not signed up, I recommend it. I have purchased vouchers on all of these sites, and I do not live in the "area" of most of them (in fact, we have specific site JUST for our local area). Many times, they feature "national" deals. For my location I choose the one closest to me (in my case, it is often Minneapolis). You can also look for deals at locations you are traveling to. For instance, I am traveling to Orlando in November, so I am looking for vouchers for that area.

In general, before you shop online, check if there is a voucher

  • Groupon: This is the site that sort of started it all for me. Two years ago I purchased a $50 Gap voucher for only $25. This was at the beginning of school, and I LOVE Gap t-shirts, so it was perfect timing! One of the nice things about Groupon is that it is based on your home address, rather than choosing a large metropolitan area. So this morning, most of my Groupons were based on Winnepeg, as it is closer than Minneapolis.
    Deal we love right now: $15 for a $30 voucher at Personal Creations-- they have the cutest Halloween buckets!
    GO TO: www.groupon.com to sign up!
  • Living Social: If you heard people online talking about getting an amazing deal on an Amazon voucher, this was the place that had it (and let's hope will have it again before Christmas!). They have a variety of national deals each week, and most of them are unique to their site. They also have a system where you can purchase a voucher. If you get three people to purchase the SAME voucher, yours is free!
    Deal we love right how: $15 for $30 at Power Capes!
    GO TO: www.livingsocial.com to sign up!
  • Plum District:  This is one of my personal favorites. They have had several subscription boxes on their site (and you all know I am a sucker for subscription boxes!). Plum District really focuses on moms, so it may be why it is my favorite. I just choose "Everywhere" as my location so I can see the online deals.
    Deal we love right now: LOVE Pavillon Ledoyen Paris deal! It is just for mom, and offers cookies, truffles, and other French snacks for a fraction of the cost!
    GO TO: www.plumdistrict.com to sign up!
  • Eversave: I have purchased more online based vouchers from this site than any other. First, with your initial sign up you get $5 off your first order, which makes many of the offers SUPER cheap! I have also loved some of the brand they have carried such as Biatta, Overland, Kitsel Kids, and Pure Living. Be careful with Eversave because often the prices are AMAZING, but you DO have to pay a flat rate shipping in addition to many of the prices.
    Deal we love right now: $15 for an Infinity Scarf (plus $2.95 shipping)
    GO TO: www.eversave.com to sign up!
  • Deal Find: I have never personally used this site, but I know many people that have and they love it. Some of them claim it has better deals than all of the other sites combined! Most of the people, also LOVE jewelry, and if you do as well-- this is the site for you!
    Deal we love right now: $29 for a professional make-up brush set.
    GO TO: www.dealfind.com to sign up!
  • Save Coin! Save Coin is mostly exclusive to Fargo-Moorhead (ND/MN) and Grand Forks- East Grand Forks (ND/MN). BUT, they often have national deals as well. For example, right now they have a $30 for $130 worth of styling products at Nu Me (Yes, $130!!!!). Amazing, right? Last year, I bought a family season pass to the zoo. We were able to use it at TONS of zoos across the country! This is NOT a site to ignore. They are little, but they are HUGE in terms of what they can save you! What I love most is I can get coupons for local and area events for me. I have purchased vouchers for the Fargo Theater, Grizzly's, Taste of India (just to name a few). This is the site I shop most often, and I love it! Did I mention they provide TONS of local coupons you can print for free?
    Deal we love right now: Not in my area? The $30 for $130 in styling products. IN my area? $10 for $20 worth of food and Drink at Mic's (Best burger in Fargo-Moorhead area!)
    GO TO: www.savecoin.com  to sign up!


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