VitaMints: An Easier Way to Take Your Vitamins

If you are like me, you probably forget to take your vitamins on a . . . well, DAILY basis. I have them sitting out even, and I always forget to take them, even though I know I should!
I was excited to try the newest breakthrough in vitamins for review, VitaMints!

Imagine taking a vitamin that also serves a function for something you probably DO take every day-- a mint! I chew on a mint after almost every meal, and I love this new idea. There are many choices with different benefits.
Benefits & Uses
Active Ingredients
Defense against colds*
Vitamints Immune may help serve as a defense against colds by:
·         Maintaining a healthy immune system
·         Tackling cold symptoms
Active ingredients may play a role in*:
·         Vitamin C: maintaining a healthy immune system, acting as an antioxidant and assisting in wound healing
·         Zinc: shortening colds and supporting a healthy immune system helps
Sustain your Get up and Go*
Vitamints Energy may help:
·         Aid energy production
·         Speed post-exercise recovery
Active ingredients may play a role in*:
·         Co-Enzyme Q10: assisting the body’s energy production mechanisms
·         B Vitamins: stimulating energy production and assisting proper metabolism
·         Vitamin C: providing antioxidants to help hasten recovery after exercise
For concentration & memory*
Vitamints Focus may help:
·         Maintain normal mental function when fatigued or low in energy
·         Support cognitive functions, such as memory and concentration
Active ingredients may play a role in*:
·         Siberian Ginseng: supporting cognitive functions and maintaining normal mental performance**
·         B Vitamins: regulating mental processes
·         Vitamin C: maintaining mental health
·         Folic Acid: protecting against depressed mood
De-stress your day*
Vitamints Calm may help:
·         Improve mood
·         Support the body’s stress-coping mechanisms
Active ingredients may play a role in*:
·         Siberian Ginseng: helping the body adapt to challenges, support cognitive functions and maintain normal mental processes
·         B Vitamins: regulating mental processes and, possibly, mood
Multi for Women:
Feel better everyday*
Vitamints Multi for Women may help:
  • Relieve symptoms of tiredness and stress
  • Enhance vitality and wellbeing
  • Support cardiovascular health
·         Maintain a healthy immune system
Active ingredients may play a role in*:
·         B Vitamins: stimulating energy production, assisting proper metabolism, and supporting the immune system
·         Vitamin C: acting as an antioxidant and helping maintain a healthy immune system
·         Vitamin D3: assisting normal calcium absorption to improve bone strength
·         Vitamin K1: improving bone strength
·         Chromium: helping the body maintain normal blood sugar levels and break down protein and fat
·         Folic Acid: helping protect against heart disease
·         Selenium: providing antioxidants to help protect against diseases

I placed the VitaMints in my purse, and never forgot to take them! They were so simple, convenient, AND tasty! No horse pills to swallow AND my breath was fresher! There are many varieties, as seen above, but my favorite was the multi-vitamin!

Think about putting VitaMints in gifts this year to make your loved ones healthier AND have better breath (a win/win!). AND at about $4.99 each, they are super affordable! They can be found at many stores, including your local Walgreen's.

You can check out VitaMints at:

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