The day Blocked me from their Facebook Wall

UPDATE: After an extended conversation with Living Social (the place my voucher originated), finally provided me with a tracking number. My package SHOULD be here on Monday. It will be a full 10 days later than when was originally promised, but at least it is actually going to arrive. Will I place an order with Never. 

Mamas-- it is the holiday season. This means I do expect that sometimes things do not go as planned. Sometimes packages arrive a little late, and sometimes they are not what was expected. On November 30th, I placed an order through Living Social with I redeemed my voucher that night because it said it would take 1 week to print and 1 week to deliver. I wanted to make sure it arrived in time! I spent over an hour carefully considering what I would put on my gift, and placed my order. My order receipt clearly says it will arrive on the 13th.

Thanks for placing your order! Your collage(s) should arrive on or before December 13, 2013. You will receive an email when your order ships. 

On the 13th (the day my collage was supposed to arrive), I received an email that my order would arrive by Christmas!!!???!!!

There has been a delay printing your order due to an unexpected issue at one of our production facilities, but your blanket will arrive by Christmas. You will receive another notification as soon as it ships (within the next few days).

So, on the day it is supposed to ARRIVE they sent my an email saying it would arrive weeks later. But I am a patient person, and I was going to get an update in a few days-- right???? On the 20th (today) I received another email (so much for the 13th, so much for a few days). 

Your order was shipped on 12/17/2013. The estimated delivery date is 12/23/2013. There has been a back-up in our tracking information system, so your tracking number is not yet available. You will receive another e-mail as soon as we have your tracking number. 

How convenient that they cannot provide a tracking number. I get both Fed Ex and UPS delivery notifications, and nothing has come through either of them. The ESTIMATED delivery date is the 23rd, which means it could arrive . . . well at any time, and will most likely NOT arrive before Christmas. I sent another email asking how it was shipped . . . but like all other emails, it received a canned response that orders are backed up and when it has shipped I would receive an email with tracking. 

All blanket orders that have started printing will arrive by Christmas. You can check on your order status at You will receive an e-mail with a tracking number as soon as it ships. We do not have any further shipping information at this time, and delivery cannot be changed or expedited once production has begun.  

Mamas-- DO NOT order from this company! Not only have they not answered my email inquires directly, but their phone brings you straight to a voice mail that asks you to email (because THAT is working so well), AND THEY HAVE BLOCKED ME FROM FACEBOOK. What did I say on Facebook that was so awful? I simply stated that I placed my order on the 30th, was promised a 13th delivery date, and have still not received tracking. If they are blocking me from Facebook, I am certain that almost anyone who has posted anything about their orders have been blocked as well. BUYER BEWARE!!!!!! Do NOT order from this company that has questionable business practices!!!! 


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  4. Im basically in the same boat you are. placed 2 orders, one on 12/2 other on 12/5, i have yet to get my shipping confirmation email, so your ahead of me on that front. But i will wait with patients and hope they are able to make good on a PROMISE, that it will arrive for 12/24. I think alot of blame does lie on their business plan with living social, im not sure whos idea it was to not cap the amount of vouchers sold, but to sell 45,000 vouchers for blankets, with everyone buying them for a xmas delivery im sure, is a little ridiculous. they should have sold a max of 5000 blankets to assure quality and satisfaction. They are going to take a major PR hit here, but if they make good by me by 12/24 thats enough time for me to wrap and throw under a tree. If they dont, i will be expecting some sort of compensation!!!

    1. How frustrating! I hope your blanket arrives as well! Since mine shipped on the 17th and STILL has not arrived and they cannot provide a tracking number still, I have pretty much given up hope that it will arrive. I agree that I think they oversold. They are STILL selling items though and promising rush delivery, which really gets to me!!!!

  5. My name is Shell with I am SO sorry to hear about these experiences. We have recently doubled our support staff to better assist our customers. Please email and I assure you that you will be helped immediately. We offer a 100% satisfaction guarantee, and I see that many of you are not satisfied. Please email us and we will fix this for you. Have a great day! Shell