Chillow Review

Are you someone who gets super hot at night? I know I am! I try to stay as cool as possible at night, even in the winter. My head gets extremely hot. I received a Chillow for review, and was really surprised by it.

The thing I liked the most about the Chillow is it is very compact and I was able to travel with it on a recent trip. It is not like a pillow at all, but more like a pad.

You simply add water to the pad, and it creates a cooling effect! It lasted almost all night (as far as I could tell) and let me get a good night's rest (despite being away from home). I inserted mine into my pillow case, but you could test directly on it, or use it as a foot rest even!

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MamaBreak received Chillow to review here on the site. We did not receive any other type of compensation. As always, our experiences and opinions are our own.

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