GoGo Pillow

As many of you know, we were recently in Washington, D.C, and were on the go. We love travel pillows, and think the GoGo Pillow is one of the most inventive ideas we have seen in a long time! We received one for review, and were thrilled it arrived before our trip!

 This is the GoGo Pillow in the travel pillow configuration. As you can see it is a traditional travel pillow. We easily attached it to the strap on the suitcase and away we went. You can see that it was very "full" and was comfortable to use as a travel pillow. The only downfall was we only had ONE and my daughter brought her travel pillow as well, but decided this one was FAR better, so I was stuck with hers, and she took the GoGo Pillow.

What makes the GoGo Pillow so amazing, is its versatility. It has a zippered area that you can zip and unzip easily. You just flip it upside down and let the beads fall to the other side.

Then, you end up with a regular pillow! One side has tabs to hold a tablet. My Kindle Fire fit in it easily.
It has bands on the other side, which we have used to strap the the back of the head rest in the car, so that everyone could watch a video. I also use it often as a book pillow and I strap the straps to the front and back of the book cover.

You can purchase GoGo Pillow at: https://www.gogopillow.com/

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