Air Curler Review

When I saw the Air Curler on television, I was like a lot of you probably are-- you love the concept, but doubt it will work. The reviews on Amazon are mixed, but since a lot of the positives came from people with thin, fine hair, I knew I had to review it for myself! I was fortunate that I was sent one for review, and I am going to be really honest-- I am kind of shocked by the results of the Air Curler Styling Tool.

The first thing you should know is that this is a fairly large item. It is not small by any means. Also, you will need a hair dryer.

There are two basic parts. The part above is where your hair goes, and the part below is where you attach your hair dryer.

This is my before hair picture. My hair is thin and fine, and it always has been.

This, amazingly is my after picture! I am so surprised! I did not think it would work at all, but it actually did. I did it in small section to damp hair, and my hair was left in coils. I finger combed them, added some hairspray, and had beautiful curls as seen!

So, from a complete skeptic, I am happy to say that this product did, without a doubt, curl my hair. I also use it on my daughter's hair (also fine and thin), and she LOVED it!

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