Keeping a Culture of Reading in your Home, plus free eBooks!

Both Mama's have a tablet or digital reading device and we both LOVE to read. With kids, its hard to find the time to read, but we love making it a priority in our lives.

To keep reading a priority I

  • Read kiddo books to the boys! Yeah, they aren't my choice but the boys just LOVE how animated I am and having the ability to pick different books.
  • Watch Amazon for FREE eBooks that I COULD read in the near future
  • Keep my tablet charged and ready to go!
  • Listen to audio books on the drive to work
  • Join a local book club to keep motivated!
  • Loan my paper copy books out and trade for other people's favorite books!

Here are a few FREEBIE books on Amazon.  Did you know that you can download the Kindle app on a desktop, laptop or tablet device!  You can read free books on your computer! :) We love  how technology has increased our reading activities.

We just downloaded these three free eBooks!

Better to Be Broken

Tom Sawyer

A Minimalist Travel Guide

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