Ecocentric Mom Mystery Box

A few weeks back, I decided to take a chance and order an Ecocentric Mom mystery box for moms. The choices were mom to be, baby, or mom. I think the baby boxes received TONS more stuff, and had more full sized items than the mom box.

The box was only $25.00

And this is what I got:

  • Natural Vitality, Natural Calm. 3.7 oz. Web price: $4.99
  • Jamu Spa Massage Oil. 2 oz. Web price: $9.00
  • Gnu Foods Favor & Fiber Bar. 1.6 oz. Amazon price: $1.45
  • Very small eyeshadow?? (not sure and it does not say). Ounces not even labeled. Price: $1.00?
  • Argan Oil Moisturizer. 1 oz. Amazon value: $8.99
  • Good Greens Bar. 1.76 oz. Amazon value: $2.65
  • Nature's Gate Moisturizer. 4 oz. Amazon value: $12.09
  • (3) Life's Tree dish soap. .5 oz. Web value: 45 cents. 
  • Pura Products Bath Salts. 3.6 oz. Web value: $9.33
  • (2) Shaklee Get Clean Sample. 48 gallons is the full sized bottle (how much cleaner it makes). This make 32 ounces. Web value: less than 1 cent. 
  • Organic Indulgence Body Balm. .5 oz. Amazon value: 80 cents
  • 7th Heaven Face Mask. .59 oz. Web value: $1.99
  • Zen Society Tea Tree Facial Cleanser (no weight given-- .1 oz approx.). Amazon value: $1.60
  • Celtic Complexion Cream. .5 oz. Web value: $13.00 (very small sample)
  • Treefort Naturals soap. .90 oz. Web value: $1.10
  • Nardo's Naturals Body Lotion. .5 oz. Web value: 82 cents
  • Tremella Body Lotion. 1 oz. Web value: $3.25
  • Green Body Green Planet Shampoo. 1 oz. Web value: $5.00
  • Green Body Green Planet Conditioner. 1 oz. Web value: $5.00
  • Zents  Shower and Hand Wash. 1 oz. Web value: $2.70
  • Zents Lotion. 1 oz. Web value: $5.00
  • (3) Zents fragrances. 1.5 ml. Web value: $3.53
  • OraMD Mouth Doctor. .5 oz. Amazon value: $26.97
  • (2) Pure Matters Protein Powder. 35 grams. In trying to find the site, we could not find a value because the company is no longer in business. Value: $1???
  • The Seaweed Bath Co. Powder Bath. 2 oz. Amazon value $3.13
  • Nardo's Natural Lip Balm. Web value: $2.99
  • Argan Oil Lip Balm. Web value: $4.99
  • (2) Swipes Lovin Wipes. 2 wipes. Amazon value: 36 cents
  • Eat Cleaner. 1 wipe. Amazon value: 58 cents
  • Nordo's Naturals Face Cleanser. .5 approx size. Web value: $2.26
  • Essence of Vali. .02 oz. Web value: $1.00
  • Kelapo Coconut Oil. .5 oz. Amazon value: 39 cents
  • Beauty From Flowers Day Crea. .05 oz. Web value: 87 cents
  • EcoDent Tooth Powder. .02 oz. Amazon value: 5 cents
  • EcoDent Gum. 2 pieces. Amazon value: 28 cents
  • Berry Plus Laundry Soap. 2 loads. Amazon value: 60 cents
  • Scrubz Sugar Scrub. 2 oz. Web value: $6.00
  • (2) Heaven's Alchemy Perfumes. .9ml each. Web value: $7.66
  • Native Touch Rooting Bear Rub. .2 oz Web value: $2.49
  • Native Touch Blue Corn Sugar Scrub. .2 oz. Web value: 25 cents
  • Native Touch Soap. .2 oz. Web value: 29 cents.
Total value: $155.90!!!!!!
This is a tremendous value. I, however, was less than thrilled. I was under the impression that it would include many full-sized items, and instead contained almost ALL beauty items and almost all were samples. I have MANY samples, mostly of beauty items, so I just wish there had been more variety. Overall, the value was VERY high for the box and I STRONGLY encourage you to join their mailing list so you can get in on the next box!

You can also sign up to receive their monthly subscription boxes for only $17 a month!

Ecocentric Mom has a monthly box you can subscribe to, and they reported on Facebook that they will be having more mystery boxes soon! Check them out at:

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