Scrabble Electronic Boggle Game

Want to win a fabulous game for the entire family? Enter this fabulous giveaway!
Amazon says, "This Hasbro Scrabble Boggle game sends you on a fast-and-furious hunt for words while the timer ticks!" (click link above for more details about the game!)

Thank you to Books Make a Difference for this fabulous giveaway!

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  1. I am not reading a book with someone this summer. I do not feel that reading the same book with you best friend or spouse is good for our relationship as I do not read very fast and could not keep up. My experience with this reading together has not been good in the past as I am a slow reader and my former spouse was so competitive, just like my best friend in high school. I like to go at my own pace so that I can enjoy reading my book.

    Thank you,

    Christine Womack

  2. I love reading along with my best friend. The last book we read together was Fifty Shades of Grey so we had several giggle sessions and " what would you do?" conversations. Im not reading anything right now but Im sure we will find something soon.

  3. I am not reading a book with anybody.

  4. I am reading marketing books and "Wicked," the novel. BTW, I am a writer and would definitely enjoy the prize.

  5. I usually read at night and my husband loves having me read to him before bedtime. Usually Louis Lamour but recently I read him a Dean Koontz novel which wasn't a good idea right before bedtime LOL