The Green Cleaning Coach Review and Giveaway

As you know, we are always looking for ways to be greener. We love the Green Cleaning Coach, because they teach you HOW to transform what you do every day into greener practices!
We were able to review a "mini sample" of their Green Cleaning Coach package, and we loved everything!

In our "mini" sampler, we received :

  • A Skoy cloth. We love Skoy Cloth, and previously reviewed them HERE. Our other Skoy cloths are holding up well, but you can never have too many. 
  • We also received a blue cloth for dusting and polishing. We use this most to clean our mirror. It requires no cleaning products at all, just the cloth. 
  • 2 Just Bee Products. One was this adorable laundry bag to throw into the dryer to freshen your laundry. 
  • And an Eco Sponge. 
  • We also received a pdf of The Green Cleaning Coach book which was filled with tons of tips and suggestions for greener cleaning. 

We loved this eco-sponge. It was similar to another white sponge, and worked wonderfully on removing marker and crayons on our walls!

As many of you know, we are STILL having very cold weather (you know, because I have not mentioned it enough!). We still have well over a few feet of snow, and it is FREEZING! My daughter's little hands get incredibly chapped, and we loved this Just Bee Hand Balm sample. It took care of those rough patched, and was nice and thick without being too greasy. 

Check out The Green Cleaning Coach at:

MamaBreak received this mini sampler to review here on MamaBreak. We did not receive any other type of compensation. As always, our opinions and experiences are our own. 

Want to win your own The Green Cleaning Coach Sampler? You will receive similar items as seen above (the Just Bee items may differ). Enter below!

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  1. Well I'm just in the beginning stages of "going green". After watching the video, it brought to light that what I've been using is being absorbed into the bodies of my family. BLECH! I had not even thought of them absorbing through the skin.

  2. As a young mother, I was only taught to not keep the cleaning supplies under the sink where the kids could get to them. Nobody ever said that USING them to clean my house was harming my family! It occurred to me while watching the video that our grandmothers probably used some of the same things you are using (vinegar, baking soda, salt) to clean with! Why didn't we? The power of Television. The same medium that is helping you teach us better, healthier ways of cleaning, was used to convince us that Spic 'n Span, PineSol, and all those other Fantastick! cleaners were better. Thanks for bringing back the old, healthier ways.

  3. I learned that she is the "Martha Stewart of green cleaning."

  4. I learned there is a safer way to keep the home clean

  5. i learned that she has workshops to improve awareness to make homes safer for everyone

  6. i learned that cleaning can be fun! haha! & that baking soda & borax can be used as a cleaner

  7. I learned that being a 'green'cleaner is better for everyone.

  8. some of the allergy symptoms I have may be reactions to toxins in the cleaners I use

  9. i love the workshops available to help make cleaning fun

  10. I didn't realize all these toxins are absorbed into your skin

  11. I learned (or re-learned having had forgotten) two important things:

    1. That some (many?) of the allergy symptoms (skin and respiratory) allegies we are experiencing (more and more) may quite likely be caused by the chemical and cleaning products we have and use.

    2, Be aware that both good and bad (toxins) things enter our bodies and blood streams by being absorbed through the skin.

    Jesselyn A/Jesstinger

  12. I didn't know that using them could cause harm to my family! O.O