Home Town Buffet Review

Taking our expanded family of four out to dinner isn't easy, BUT HomeTown Buffet really made it easy.  My preschooler isn't a picky eater, he just LOVES to eat!  Having a buffet to choose from is AWESOME and he loved all the options.

We went on Family night and enjoyed a busy restaurant, but we ate quickly and could leave when we had any type of meltdowns. Little man loved the desserts and I loved the sweet, friendly and kind people who worked there.  See, my guy LOVES to talk--so the table cleaners, buffet cooks/replenishers and cashiers all interacted with him--even though he is THREE!

Hubby was able to have some chicken, I had beef and kiddo had....ANYTHING he wanted. He loved the mashed potatoes, drink options and dessert.

Family Nights are Thursdays from 5-8pm and kids 11 and under eat for $0.99!
My guy LOVED the Clifford themed activities!

 This would be a GREAT place to go on Easter!  With a new baby, cooking a big Easter dinner just isn't appealing right now.  Hope you checkout all the buffets across the US: Old Country, Ryan's, Hometown Buffet, Fire Mountain and Country Buffet!

If you can't make it for Easter, then go for Mother's Day!  Checkout their excitement for MOther's Day!
Chefs at Ryan’s, HomeTown Buffet and Old Country Buffet have crafted specialized Mother’s Day Breakfast and Dinner menus to be served on that special day in May honoring the queen of the  lives. 

Visit the Buffets, Inc. restaurants on Sunday, May 12, 2013 to enjoy a breakfast menu riddled with juicy steaks, carved ham, and sizzling eggs cooked to order and a dinner menu featuring succulent steaks, butterfly shrimp, and peel ‘n eat shrimp. 

In addition, throughout the month of May, kids everywhere are invited to the restaurants to construct and draw a blooming bouquet of pop-up flowers for Mom. To keep kids entertained, they are also offering a series of travel-themed activity sheets featuring travel games, geography activities, passports, and more!

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