Picture Keeper for those Easter Photos!

I was lucky to receive a Picture Keeper for review from MailPix.com

Check it out!  You get this FREE with each and every order from the MailPix.com site!  I KNOW I loved to backup photos, so this really fit with my personality!  Keep them backed up and SAFE!

The picture keeper was SUPER easy to use (I have a Mac) and I was able to backup some of my favorite shots of the kiddos.  I keep it in a drawer nearby and I can even share the photos with family!

We love all the great things going on at MailPix.com They have THIS free gift with purchase and lots of great options for photos.  If you need some quality prints, get them ordered at Mailpix and receive a picture keeper free!


  1. I've been wanting one of these for so long.:)

    1. It is so handy to store photos. I keep SO many on my phone, and this is a great alternative!