My Little Clothes Line Review

Mamas-- we LOVE buying our kids used, wonderful quality clothing. I am very fortunate that if needed, I COULD purchase all brand new clothing for my children. The problem is, it just kills me when they wear their brand new outfit that I spent nearly $100 on, and it is ruined within second. Let's admit it, Mamas, kids are HARD on their clothes. And the outfit you spent the most on? Inevitably, that WILL be the one ruined the first time they wear it. We are always looking for new places to purchase clothing. We live in a limited area, and we do not have a ton of access to re-sell types of stores. The closest it over an hour away, and that is a DRIVE just to possibly find a good deal on clothes. 

We are so excited to bring to you My Little Clothesline. We were able to review them and we spent $30. We feel like we bought a TON with our $30!!!!

We bought 2 pairs of shorts for my son. The ones on the left were $3.40. The ones on the right were $3.00. Both were in like new condition. 

We also got this cute "Hello Kitty" shirt for my toddler. It was only $2.50 and was in like new condition!

 We also got these 3 pairs of shorts for my 10 year old. We loved the variety of clothing available for older kids! The shorts on the left were from Justice and were $5.10, the little were Limited Too and were $5.10, and the ones on the left were OP and were $4.00. They were all in amazing condition!
 Last, but not least, we decided to try out one of their Bargain boxes. You pay $5.00 for the box, and you get 3-5 items in your box that are in "play quality" condition. We LOVE what we got! We chose a Summer Girl size 10 box, and got this beautiful skirt, matching tank, and cool shorts! All were in great condition!

If you are looking for great quality and amazingly low prices, than My Little Clothes Line is the site you are looking for! Everything is sent form them so is clean and fresh, and has photos of everything you are purchasing!

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  1. Wow!! You got some great things for very little money. The clothes look like in great condition too! I will check them out for sure.

  2. What a steal! We usually make 1-2 trips to a large kids consignment shop a year to stock up for all 3. But of course, I always need to buy something in between that gets ruined almost instantly. This is just what I need! Thank you SO much for sharing!

  3. I know what you mean! I prefer to use hand me downs for his everyday wear. Kids grow up so fast anyway so there's no sense in buying expensive clothes when the next time you blink, it won't fit them anymore :P


  4. I would cry if I spent more on one outfit than I do in 2 weeks for groceries!! I never heard of this place before, but I will def. check them out now! Aint no shame in using 2nd hand, sometimes they arent even worn anyways, or worn just a few times! So I think doing this is a good thing! Its recycling. =)

  5. I wished I could find clothes at these prices for my husky sized boy. Great deals for you!

  6. I just spent $42.00 and got some great deals. 2 hanna anderson sweaters, 1 gymboree sweater,and a pair of gap jeans. Both of my kids start school this yr so I'm on the look out for great deals. I figure I could mix the 2nd's in during the school yr and don't imagine anyone will even notice. I can't say how good the clothes are yet because I haven't received them. They looked great in the picture. I couldn't have even bought 1 sweater new for $42.00. Spray on some starch and dig out the iron board makes them a little stiff and they look new again!