Join Me on My Weight Loss Journey

Mamas-- as you know, I am on a weight loss journey to start very soon. Since having my three children, I have gained over 100 pounds, and I need it to be gone. I want to lose the weight so that I am healthier and happier. I believe that women DO come in all shapes and sizes, and support any woman no matter her size or weight. I just know I would be happier and healthier without the added weight. I also need more energy to chase around all of my children! My 2 year old is FAST!

I have decided to join Creative Bioscience in a 90 day weight loss challenge. I chose to use the African Mango 1200 for my challenge, which you can find out more about here:
 I chose the African Mango 1200 because I wanted to choose something that was fairly low risk in terms of side effects, but also something that others have had a lot of success with. Dr. Oz talks about African Mango, which added to my confidence in it. I also did some research about it and although there is not a ton of unbiased scientific research on the effect of it, it does seem to be low-risk, with possibly HUGE benefits!

Here is the BEST part! If you are a blogger, YOU can join me on my 90 Day Weight Loss challenge too! Click here: 
for more details on how you can get involved too!