Thrifty Thursday

Each Thursday, we are going to bring you a new idea on how to be more thrifty. I am a sales shopper, a deal finder, and I hate paying full price. Each Thursday will be a little different. Sometimes, we will introduce you to a website, sometimes it will be a coupon match up . . . you just never know!

This week, I am thrilled to introduce you to Paperback Swap!!

Do you LOVE to read? Do your kids love to read? Then this is the site for you! You can post your read, but still in great condition books. Someone else will request them, and you ship them to the requestor via media mail.

Don't have any books you want to post? What is AWESOME about the site is you can purchase 1 credit for $3.95!!! So, you can get a book for $3.95.

I keep a wish list of the books I want, and the system alerts me when that book is listed. It even holds the book for you if you are next on the wish list.

Sign up is completely free, and it is completely addictive. Do you have an allergy and are concerned about bringing that allergen into your home. Simply post on your wish list request that the book needs to come from a "smoke free", "pet free", etc home.

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