MMMM Monday: Cheesy Sauce

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This simple sauce is great to use on egg noodles (shown above), pasta, meats or in casseroles. It's quick and very versatile, making it an instant favorite. The meal above is egg noodles with cheese sauce and chicken breasts, it was delicious!

You'll need:

  • skim or 1% milk- I don't measure, but it's generally about 1 1/2 cups or so 
  • 4 ounces of cream cheese 
  • a couple handfuls of shredded cheese- I always use a mixture of cheeses 
  • about 2 tablespoons of butter 4 slices of American cheese- 
  • optional salt, pepper and adobo to taste 
  • a pan- large enough to effectively whisk the sauce   

What to do:

  • pour milk into a skillet or pan 
  • add salt, pepper and adobo
  • allow to warm once it's steamy- add the butter, then start adding the cheeses slowly and allow it to melt a bit, then whisk.
  • Continue this process until it's the consistency you'd like. 
Remember- it will thicken once cooled, so remove the whisk and allow it to cool, check the thickness of the remaining coating to determine if you'd like/need to add more cheese.

This is excellent served as above, especially topped with crushed ritz crackers. It's also amazing poured over pasta and baked, topped with crackers, fried onions or oyster crackers. Use it as the base of cheese soups and dips. Try using different types of cheeses to change the flavor a bit or for different uses.  

Thanks Simply Shan for sharing with us!

Recipe and photo is property of Simply Shan, which she shared with us from her website. 

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