Cortex Solo 450 Titanium Review

As I have said before, I have super straight hair. So, you are probably all wondering how on EARTH I would review a flat iron. Did you know you can CURL your hair with a flat iron? I actually LOVE the curls I get from my flat iron, and it is SUPER easy to do.

This flat iron is SO super cool! It has this giraffe print that I love.

It also has a rotating cord, which is PEFECT if you are using it for curling.

Then, it has a switch on the INSIDE, with a dial to control the temperature.

Finally, the iron has a light indicator that will let you know when the flat iron is thoroughly heated.

First, I set the flat iron to the highest setting. This is my before pictures

Then, I started from the top and wrapped a small piece of hair around the top of the flat iron. I have read of several people using the bottom as well. I do not know what it matters. Try either way to see which you are most comfortable.
Leave your hair on the flat iron for a short amount of time (as you would with a traditional iron) and VOILA-- CURLS!!!

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