Healthy Surprise Review

We love subscription box companies because they allow us to try new products each month, and the items are delivered straight to our door.

We think Healthy Surprise is unique, as you can choose the level of snacks you want to receive. We were able to try out the "Starter" box which is $33 a month + $6.99 shipping-- to realistically, it is $39.99 a month. You can find all of the choices on their website:

This is what we got in our box (values based on Amazon price unless noted):

  • BareFruit Cinnamon Apple Chips, 1.69 oz, value $2.39
  • Home Free Mini Chocolate Chip Cookies, 1.1 oz, value $0.79
  • Hail Merry Sunflower Seeds, 4 oz,  value $3.70
  • RawkNRoll Cuisine Kale Chips, 2 oz, value (based on web price-- Amazon not available) $4.20
  • Gopal's Nori Wrapped Mexican Power Wraps, 2 total, value $1.83
  • Rise Energy Bar, 1.6 oz, value $1.79
  • The Perfect Snaque Lentils, 1 oz, value (based on web price-- Amazon not available) $1.61
  • Fruit.0 Fruit Pouch, 4.2 oz, value $2.49
  • Live Smart Skinny Yummy Energy Bar, price unavailable
  • Sunfood Organic Snack Mix, 2 oz, value (based on web price-- Amazon not available) $2.44
  • Brothers-All-Natural Asian Pear Crisps, .25 oz, value (based on web price-- Amazon not available) $0.89
  • Fruition Blueberry Bar, 1.7 oz, value (based on web price-- Amazon not available) $2.00
Total value: $24.13. This is based on best price available. 
In the end, you are paying about $10 for the product to be delivered to your door, and for the experience of tasting new items. Health food can be SUPER expensive, and finding energy bars that you enjoy can be REALLY hard (I have found). I have been through about 10 different kinds of energy bars, which is VERY expensive, especially if I end up with a box of ones that I do not like! The same with Coconut water-- which I STILL have a case of in my basement! This service allows you to try out the different products available, so that you can order it in larger quantities if you like the products. 

You can check out all of the options for the subscription service at:

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