Squeeze Ems Reusable Pouches

LOVE LOVE LOVE this product.  The Booginhead Reusable Food Pouch is perfect for on the go and/or yummy kids treats without tons of mess!

This is how our pouch came to us.  We loved that it is BPA free and is also dishwasher safe.  Our favorite snack is the morning green smoothie that we put in it.  My guy, who is 3, loves to squeeze it himself and also help wash it (he loves water!).

We also like this because it takes the food pouch concept form the store and makes it even MORE eco friendly!  You don't have to buy the expensive pouches that only have ONE snack in them....you make your own (and KNOW what goes into it!) and then reuse the pouch over and over again!

Stays closed and works well in the car or in the diaper bag. NO MESS carrying it either :)

Checkout their website at www.booginhead.com or facebook page!

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