BeFit Mom Review

Are you looking for a fun, easy, fun way to get back into shape after having a baby. I have had three children, with my youngest being 2, and I feel like my body never really bounced back from my last pregnancy.

I was so excited to try Be-Fit Mom: Post Natal Core Conditioning! It is an exercise routine that was tailored to a mom's body, especially as she recovers from birth. It includes exercises you can do . . . even with 3 kids running around.

I LOVED that it came with a resistance band. So that my kids did not use it for their next superhero escapade, I keep it tucked in the DVD case (which makes it much more accessible when I need it).

I loved that the DVD starts with some very easy exercises and works it way up. Nothing really hard or fancy. It is simple and takes into account a woman's body after birth! This is not one of those exercise videos where you feel like you are going to die after the first 5 minutes and never put it in again! It also does not require and extravagant moves (I can barely touch my toes!).

Check out their website at:
They have DVDs for post-partum exercise AND maternity exercise!
Get ready Mamas, to feel healthy and in shape again! I am not there yet, but I feel like I am finally on my way!

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