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Our little guy 'B' is 5 years old. And like a lot of children, he is a very sound sleeper. I envy this for the most part! But the problem is that he wasn't waking up to go to the bathroom during the night. So we had a choice - change the sheets a lot, or have him wear GoodNites. We chose having him wear the GoodNites, and frankly, this is not something that has bothered him. But we knew that we should try to address the problem (not to mention that those GoodNites aren't cheap!) We were thrilled to have the opportunity to try out the Dry Me Nighttime Bedwetting Alarm along with the 7 Steps to Nighttime Dryness book. We had high hopes for the Bedwetting Alarm, having heard some really good reports about it. We started out by reading the book, which I highly recommend. Almost everything that the book told us to watch out for occurred, and we were confident about how to deal with everything. We knew that the process could take 12 weeks, and that we needed to have 14 consecutive dry nights. The book explains everything in the process step by step and comes with a great chart for keeping track of things. I am pleased to report that we are now at 17 dry nights in a row and Little B is thrilled with his progress! We began the first week in January. He was afraid of the possibility of the alarm going off at first, (I think he was afraid of being woken up by the sound) but he soon had no problem with it and learned to turn it off and reattach it during the nights when he had accidents. At first we would have only 2 or 3 dry nights in a row, but after about 4 weeks, there was a dramatic change. We jumped to 8 dry nights in a row, had one accident, then no more accidents for 17 nights and counting. Something else that I recommend is to not make too much of a big deal over the dry nights. It's our natural response to celebrate, but I think this makes the child feel badly when they actually do have an accident. So we didn't get overly excited about dry nights OR accidents. I think a great way for you to check out how this works is to watch the video below. We are huge believers in this product and we would recommend it to anyone having issues with nighttime potty problems. Due to the nature of the review, we are not posting personal photos, because Little B would be mortifed later in life! Do you have a child with a nighttime dryness problem? You can win your own Dry Me Nighttime Bedwetting Alarm and Book. The contest is open to entrants in the United States - just enter via the super easy Rafflecopter Entry Form Below. Contest is from February 23 - February 26. Winners will be notified via email and must respond within 24 hours.

Please be aware that MamaBreak is co-hosting this giveaway with several other blogs. We are not responsible for the shipping of the prize, but will assist if any issues should arise. 

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