Skoy Cloths . . . to Clean EVERYTHING!!

I am so excited to share with you a new product that I LOVE! I am the mom to three kids, 2 dogs, and a cat. Our house is a MESS!!! I hate throwing away paper towels, because we can literally go through an entire large pack of them in a week (yes, 8 rolls in a WEEK!). Not only is this a huge expense, but it is not eco-friendly!

That is why I loved finding about Skoy Cloths!

They come in bright colors, that make it FUN to clean! My daughter LOVES them. You can see that they each feature a flower, and when they are dry, they are fairly stiff.

 When wet, the clothes become absorbent cloths that can soak up a TON of liquid. Not only can they soak up liquid, but you can use them as a washcloth as well. Today, I cleaned my entire tub and shower using just this one cloth!

The best part? When you are done with it, you just throw it in the washer and use it all over again!

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You can also find Skoy Cloths at The Container Store and select Cost Plus World Market stores!

MamaBreak received Skoy Cloths to try out and review here on MamaBreak. We did not receive any other sort of compensation. As always, our opinions and experiences are our own.


  1. Great review thank you for sharing, I have never heard of these but they look awesome!

  2. Skoy cloths are one of my favorite cleaning items. I love that they can be washed.