11/15: Talk Back Thursday

This week, we are talking to the owner of Grab a Scab. We reviewed Grab a Scab HERE, and LOVE our scabs!

1. What inspired you to create Grab a Scab?

My 3 children were my impetus for Grab A Scab.  My two boys were always ruining the knees of their pants before they outgrew them.  The year that they were 4 and 5, all their 'Back to School' pants were ruined by Halloween.  I searched everywhere for an easy way to mend their clothing but found that iron-on patches did not work; they either fell off , were not durable or looked horrible.  Thus I decided to create Scabs.  

When I created the first Scabs, moms at my children's school were interested and asked for some Scabs for their children.  I decided to print a slew and launch Grab A Scab at a local festival.  I was amazed by the reaction and by the fact that kids loved Scabs as much as their moms.  I was also blown away by how much girls wanted Scabs to decorate and accessorize.  My daughter puts Scabs on everything whether or not it needs mending.  What started as a solution to a 'mom problem', quickly became a favourite with the kids.  

2. How do you balance work and family?

I think that balancing work and family is the hardest part of being a mother who also works outside of the home.  It is a constant struggle and admittedly I am not always 'balanced'.  In order to achieve peace of my mind, I have had to let a lot of my expectations for my home slide; it is not tidy on a daily basis and often the laundry baskets overflow.  I have also had to learn to prioritize time for myself.  I make sure that I get at least 3 workouts a week and one quality interaction with a friend. It sounds very intentional and scheduled and it is because if I do not plan ahead, other tasks get in the way and my personal time disappears.  I also have surrounded myself with a network of women who value the same priorities and this really helps keep things in perspective.

3. What advice would you give to other women starting their own company?

Network with other people who have travelled the path that you are on.  It has been a great comfort to me to meet other entrepreneurs and inventors and to share in their successes and challenges.  I love having chats with people who are 'ahead' of me as much as those who are just starting out.  All the struggles are similar and there is a lot you can learn by just asking about someone else's experience.

4. Who has inspired you most in creating Grab a Scab?

My children!  They love the Scabbee character and his monster gang, Brainfreeze, Cottonball and Goop.  They created their names and they approve all the Scab designs.  I love the fact that they see me being creative and passionate about my business.  I especially like that they see that learning is a life long process and is not confined to the walls of a school.

5. Is there any exciting news about Grab a Scab you want to share?

We are expecting to have Scabs in some major retailers in 2013.  We will keep you posted!
Grab a Scab can be found online at: http://www.grabascab.com/

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